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29th of April 2017

29th of April 2017
Well, for a week I've felt that my immune system is fighting a bug, and the fight has been rather even. I haven't been properly ill, nor all hale. Today after meal I took a nap on the sofa, listening to "All is Two" album by Huminoita. When I woke up and took a look out the window it was snowing.
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Few months ago, when I pre-ordered Litku Klemetti's LP "Juna Kainuuseen" I browsed the record label's page, thinking that why not order another LP while I'm at it. I liked how they offer direct steaming on their band pages, and listening to few of them I chose Huminoita - a band I've never heard before, but just found because of the record label.

This one was a lucky pick, a good find! After listening to "All is Two" couple of times, I was thinking how to describe the music genre to you. But that has been already done; "At its very core, A psychedelic blues record." said ROCK-A-ROLLA MAGAZINE in issue 57 (UK) (quoted from band page at Luova record's site)

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