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30th of April 2017

30th of April 2017
A Sunday morning view.
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wow, this photo is so good!

Glad to hear you liked it =)

Today in the morning the snow is almost totally gone. I'm writing this at 8 am, looks like it is going to be a bright sunny day.

Well, but on the technical side; when I first started doing the daily pictures, I chose 640*480 as picture size, thinking that it is quick to load even on slower internet connections, and enough for quick shots. Now, as I was working with the site layout, I felt like upgrading to 800*600. Although it seems that some browsers can't handle the new layout. For example, on my android tablet firefox fails to resize the image to fit the screen, but chrome is OK. Woah, maybe some other day when I again have time and energy for CSS I'll take another look, if I can make it more cross-browser compatible.

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