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9th of May 2017

9th of May 2017
Home-coming beer after work.
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... and a not-so-serious wave of nostalgia. As, couple of days ago I was listening to a CD by a Finnish band Ultra Bra. They were active around 1994 - 2001, gaining an established status in the history of Finnish pop/rock music. I haven't been a big fan of their music, but sure I know their major hits, they played a lot on radio. So, now I was listening to their 1997 album "Kroketti", and one song mentions them drinking beer from tall-necked half-a-litre bottles. Oh my! I remember around those times there were some beer labels sold in that distinctively shaped bottle - but I haven't seen this bottle size and shape in market shelves for a decade or so. Hehe, so I searched for the closest equivalent, just to raise a bottle for a little nostalgia, thinking about how the world and my personal life has changed since 1997 =)

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