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10th of May 2017

10th of May 2017
I left to work at 8.30 am. After eight customers for massage and three hours of coding, I returned back home about 10 pm. With the full moon hanging above the treetops it was a pleasant evening twilight. I started a fire under the garden bath-tub, filled the tub and soon the water was comfortably hot. Listening to Litku Klemetti I relaxed, feeling the music and the hot water washing away the strain of the day.
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Especially Tähtiyö, which translates to 'a starry night' - it is a metaphor for falling in love to a person who feels to be as unreachable as the distant stars, and Litku goes on poetically expressing all those insecure bitter-sweet emotions, with a touch of her characteristic humoristic style. (I mean, this is an age-old theme of pop songs, yet Litku manages to deliver it in such a way that it sounds retro and fresh at the same time; tragically sad and lightly humorous with no contradiction. That's the attitude I like =) )

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