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28th of September 2017

28th of September 2017
In the spring I had eight corn saplings. Only one of them survived. And overall this summer has been rainy and not that hot, so the lone corn didn't grow so much. But the kale, they are doing fine.
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Yeah, my corn was a success two years ago, but this year, not so much. Would you like some seeds of the heritage variety kale I grow? Its a flat-leaf strain, 'Sutherland' - grown in Scotland from medieval times.

Ooh, heritage variety seeds from Scotland - that sounds wonderful! Yes please, if shipping the seeds isn't too much a practical trouble. I can compensate for the costs.

For me this is the first time ever I grow kale, so I have no idea how does one harvest the seeds. I mean, is it possible to sustain a variety once one gets it started?

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