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3rd of January 2021

3rd of January 2021
Tonight I'll be away from home. Before I leave I open a ventilation shaft which leads to the space under the floors. There is another opening in my bedroom, and if both of those are open the cats can freely move in and out the house as they wish. In the summertime I usually keep the ventilation open all the time, and then close the shafts when outdoor temperatures fall near freezing. But the system is handy to have - even when the front door is locked, the cats are not trapped inside, making their life more comfortable while I'm away. Here we see Viikunia The Cat demonstrating the secret cat trapdoor in action.
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I assume the cats keep other critters from entering via the same route!

Yes, life in the countryside without a cat means a constant struggle with mice and occasionally also rats - be there ventilation shafts or not, for the rodents are good at making their own passageways. Life with cats is just that much easier.

Hehe their own secret entrance to safety, so cute! I hope your cats are gentle to hamsters? ;-p

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