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9th of November 2021

9th of November 2021
Today's morning coffee.
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Music links!

A brand new piece of Finnish Rock by the guy who delivered game music for Ancient Savo.

I don't know what this song is about, but I immediately liked it when I heard it on a World Music radio program.

Another one I heard on the above mentioned radio program. This is one mixes some psychedelic rock elements with folk music traditions, creating a delightful mixture of influences.

And then, of course, DakhaBrakha. I think I've posted a link to their music before, but they sure deserve to be mentioned again =)

Also, did I remember to mention Lighthouse by Alissa Arnason? This was released in June 2021, and has now 80 views at YouTube. So maybe I'm not suggesting something completely obvious? And big thanks to a blog reader who posted a Alissa Arnason link some years ago, that way I discovered her music.

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