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25th of November 2021

25th of November 2021
This year Viikunia The Cat has developed a new gesture to signal she'd like to have some attention. With her front paw she gently touches my chest or shoulder or arm, first just holding the paw there for a moment, and if I don't turn my attention to her she will lower the paw, then touch again, and repeat in a tapping manner 'tock-tock-tock-hey-human-it-is-me!'
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My cat chose a simple way - yelling)

That is what Sami's cats do as well. Once we had a humorous discussion with Sami, planning some kind of an advanced "attention vest" for cats - in addition to the typical reflective colours it would have all kinds of whistles and flashing lights attached to it, and then some mechanism for the cat to voluntarily trigger those signals when the cat feels like in need of human attention.

Bloody adorable. One of my cats does this too.

Nice to hear that! A big hello to all the cats that tap!

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