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15th of June 2014


Is long hair frowned upon in general in Finland? You seem to tie it back when in the car or socializing with people other than your buddy (the other dev of UnReal World, sorry forgot his name). Being Canadian is difficult with long hair. I even have it in a ponytail when I sleep, it is let down less and less.. just because it's easier to deal with for everyone including myself.

I keep the ponytail only for practical reasons, to avoid hair getting on my eyes etc.

Twenty years ago I remember experiencing more social pressure because of being a guy with a long hair. I guess that the overall culture is bit more relaxed nowadays. Also, at the age of 40 I don't care that much anymore. In a way I think that if people don't like the way I look, then they can let me be alone =)

At 37 I am feeling more pressure then ever to cut my hair. Mostly due to having a family now and becoming closer to my dad (who used to have long hair himself but expects me to be "proper" in order to get good work etc..). I've had long hair since around 12 years old. It got cut short once in that time. I hated it. Not sure what I will do but soon I will be starting a career (a little late I know.. haha) and it will help to have short hair.


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