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17th of December 2014


Today in the morning I lit a fire in the stove, just like every morning. But for a reason or another all of the smoke was not running into the chimney, and soon there was quite a lot of smoke indoors. I had to open windows to let the smoke out - and to get some fresh air. In the night it was raining snow. When I opened the bedroom window, the cat came to inspect.

Enjoy your snow! We're having spring weather here and another year without white Christmas.

Same.. That's sad.. Global Warming.. Oh.. So many dots :D

Comparing to times of my childhood, this year winter comes about a month late. We had a long, rainy, damp autumn with nearly no sunlight - with snow everything is so much more comfortable.

Yup, thinking about it, it is very likely that because of global climate change and other (releated) issues is it rather likely that we will see a major crisis of the entire civilization in the coming decades. It's silly that in Finland I hear some people saying that "oh, but global warming is good for Finland, because then we can grow more plants and get more yield from our fields." - but I'm afraid it won't work that way. Extreme weather conditions in other parts of the globe might just so easily lead to food prices skyrocketing on global market - which would trigger serious social unrest, and we just can't pretend that Finland would somehow be unaffected by that.

It will affect the whole planet... no place will be unaffected. It has happened before and will happen again. Whether humans are here or not. Just like the ice ages. They come and go. Of course we humans are not helping things at all... greed is great yes! sigh..

Actually, recently the news said that temperatures in Finland are rising more rapidly than in most of the globe. Mostly because we are located near the polar area, in between the Atlantic and Siberian climatic influences - so a slight change in any of those systems (polar, atlantic, siberian) is bound to affect us in many ways.

And, yes, sure the climate and the temperatures have been changing through the history, without any human influence. But this time it is just that the rise in temperatures is more rapid than ever. During millions of years all that oil was formed and got stored in pockets under ground. And now we have been drilling it up and burning a whole lot of it in just a century or so - causing a sudden and sharp rise in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. So, sure the concentration of carbon dioxide has been naturally changing during the history of the planet. Now the mankind just makes the change happen extremely fast.

And as far as I understand, even people living in cities eat food produced by farmlands and fisheries. If farming and fishing becomes more unreliable because of unpredictable and extreme weather conditions, I'm afraid people will soon grow hungry...

Oh I don't pretend that humans are not messing things up in a very horrible way. We are. And they won't stop until there is no more money to be made from oil and gas. Which means when the oil is gone...

Some time fairly soon, we will need a lot of skills which are almost lost. Some things you are doing on your property. Like using a horse, instead of a tractor. Yes, many, many people will be starving at some point in the future, unless the people in power all over the globe make serious changes in how they do business.

IMO, this is a good documentary for this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXZUpzwOOZ8


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