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19th of April 2017

19th of April 2017
Shiny new boards from the local sawmill.
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I have a wood obsession, building sites throw away so much every day I tend to go diving into the rubbish skip to take it home...only to store it and look at it on occasions haha!

Hehe, I totally understand hoarding wood !

Here I've experienced a surplus of storm-felled timber. First there were the ones I've been using for building the firewood shed. Then the nearby miller said I could harvest storm felled trees from his forest.

And then another neighbours asked if I'd take some of their timber, as they don't need them yet they don't want to leave them to rot in their forest. I agreed, thinking that those will make a plenty of firewood. But now when I've been taking a closer look at what they brought me, some of the logs are simply too fine to be burned... Makes me want to build something out of them! Maybe more on this topic in some future blog post =)

You're swamped with fine timber then! I do like the idea of using a large pine/fir ring for a bedside table table top, maybe some legs carved from some smaller diameter pine so it sits quite low, then treating it all with danish oil or something similar to bring out the grain, I have the image in my head of exactly how i'd like it to look!

I have a small ring of pine from a storm felled tree I found twos years ago, took me quite a while to carry it back home aha it happily lives by my window now, just to remind me of the natural world when surrounded by brick, plaster, cables, and noise of modern living!

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