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23rd of January 2017

23rd of January 2017
Today my main work is to code a web form for buckwheat farmers. Which means that I don't have to leave home for work, and I like the freedom it gives. After some planning and setting up a database table, I went to work outdoors. And this is the slow cycle of the agrarian life; it is time to prepare for autumn 2018. To cut down some trees, so that they can be chopped to firewood in April - May, and then stored for a year to let them dry properly. These trees are on my neighbour's land, but they asked me to harvest the ones which were damaged by the heavy snow load of the previous winter. This picture was taken using the timer of my tablet camera - it shoots ten pictures with 5 second interval, and one of the pictures happened to catch the moment when the tree starts to fall down.
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