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27th of March 2017

27th of March 2017
Although the spring weather isn't yet that warm, I've disconnected two of three radiators, just to save in electricity bill. Today I returned home at 9 pm after a long day of work, the indoor temperature is +12°C. I wear a winter overall. Earlier today I saw my father who gave me red wine and Stilton cheese, so I enjoy them, listening to Litku Klemetti & Tuntematon Numero.
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Progetyttö is from their album Horror '15 which I got from my friends. Earlier when I tried to buy it, it was sold out. Litku's album 'Juna Kainuuseen' is scheduled to have a vinyl release in April, and it is already sold out because of pre-orders. But I anticipated that and ordered a copy early enough =)

In pure indie style Litku and her friends have been playing in various parallel projects. To back my statements about Litku's stage charisma, I chose a live footage from one of the gigs about the time they started to gain wider recognition. Here, see Litku playing keyboards by dancing barefoot on it. And in the end they pass a sledgehammer for the audience to destroy what is left of the keyboards. That's punk and rock and roll !

EDIT: on the linked live footage, Litku's closing statement goes about this: "Thank you very much, have a nice summer and make a lots of love! And apologies if someone found this show disturbing". I like their style, yes I do =)

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