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30th of March 2017

30th of March 2017
One of the phenomenons which started some time after re-implementing the newsletter subscribe box... For users who don't have an account on Enormous Elk site, it will send a confirmation e-mail to verify that there is a real person with a correct e-mail address subscribing to the newsletter. Today alone there are 46 messages of delivery errors, all returning the subscription confirmation mail. Hello spambots, would you please quit spamming the newsletter subscription form? Also, since my Thunderbird UI is in Finnish, I'll translate; it says I have 780 unread messages. That's because I haven't deleted these failure notices for a few days - and so the heap of unread messages quickly grows big. Sigh. Seems like I need to set up CAPTCHA for the newsletter subscription as well.
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WOW can't you make a filter on thunderbird to delete all those messages?

Also, on tumblr there's quite a similar problem. Every few days I get a new spambot follower, which I have to block and report. They randomly reblog people's posts, change the description to something lewd and add a link to some paid porn site or something like that, I suppose, as I don't want to get a virus on my computer...

It is a sad thing how some people use their effort and creative capacity to produce spambots...

Deleting the failure notices isn't a problem, and so far I've thought that it is a minor nuisance especially if I don't ever click on any link in these messages. But yesterday I noticed that towards the end of the day I started getting messages from my webhosting service - error messages saying that an outgoing message was blocked because daily error limit was exceeded. Either that is yet another version of spam mail trying to make me click on a malicious link, or then my webhotel really has a security bot blocking mail accounts which seem to be hijacked or something...

So now I'm experimenting with CAPTCHA to see if I can stop spam subscriptions.

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