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3rd of February 2017

3rd of February 2017
Fixing CPU heat issues. This particular story started already about two years ago, when my desktop started having random problems. And my son was switching to a new laptop, so instead of fixing my own desktop I just bought the old laptop from my son. Last summer my son took a look at that old desktop and said that it had probably just been suffering from overheating, but luckily the CPU was not dead, so cleaning up the CPU fan and applying new thermal paste should be enough to bring the desktop back live. "OK, good to know" I thought and did nothing about it. Oh well. About a week ago my laptop showed signs of overheating, so I finally decided to something about it. Me, my son and friends had a discussion in facebook, exchanging views and experiences. Based on the advice I opened up the laptop and cleaned the CPU fan, although it wasn't as dusty as I thought it could be. I also ordered thermal paste and a laptop cooler pad with extra fans. And only after that I realized that I had been running my laptop on high performance mode - win7 had built-in power-saving options, I tested reducing CPU performance down to 70%, and that seems to keep the core temperatures below 60 celcius. On linux I installed thermal daemon and TLP - they work, but seems like I need to manually adjust the configuration files if I want them to keep the core temperatures a bit lower. I haven't yet found time to concentrate on that kind stuff. But today's mail had the cooler pad and the thermal paste. After am hour of test use I think the cooler pad really helps without any impact on computer performance. I applied thermal paste on the AMD64 CPU of the old desktop, put it together and it booted just fine, bringing back my old Linux Ubuntu desktop from summer 2014. I think I'll make the desktop a local webserver, so that I can use it as a development environment for server side coding. That way the workload could be shared between two computers - the laptop running a web browser and a code editor, and the desktop running Apache, MySQL and PHP. (I also think that at some point I'd better improve the configuration of these daily pictures. At the moment this text field doesn't allow formatting like line breaks...)
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