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4th of April 2017

4th of April 2017
Sami and me, on our way to my home we stopped at a gas station for coffee.
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This is cool, it pleases me to see close friends together. I do not have any close friends anymore, and that makes me slightly sad sometimes. :P

Ah, indeed, close friends are more valuable than gold. And sometimes harder to find than gold ... Oh well, but sure I'm grateful for life has blessed me with making contact with some truly great people. Most of the time, with most of the people, I have to struggle to tolerate the social interaction, but then there are these special people who are easy to be around with =)

Oh well, yeah, I hope music or some other hobby will give you new ways to make contacts with new people. If I think of my life, some of my best friends date back to the time when I was studying the degree of masseur. As I had already been working of the field, I only visited the school every now and then to refresh my memory on the professional jargon, so that I could pass the exams. And the little contact I had with the other students still left me with two long lasting friendships, which later on have accumulated to meeting friends of friends - great people I like to hang around with =)

I am extremely introverted, too. But I have stopped looking for friends. I think that it doesn't help that I live in one of the most rural areas of the eastern US (about 2.5 people per square mile). But I figure that, instead of worrying and struggling, it is much less stressful to just be Zen, and then if whatever powers that do or do not influence our lives want to send a good friend my way, then so be it, but if not then so be that, too. :P

I was a far more sociable person before my ex- and I split up. I guess it has been 12 years now, since then, but I still just want to be alone, LOL.

That is one of the wonderful things about the internet. It allows such a wider connecting of minds for people like me who are so far out in the boondocks. I still feel like there is something a bit nihilistic about internet friendships, but I suppose even still, it is still better than being lonesome and depressed, hahaha.

Thumbs up, and a lot of that sounds familiar to me =)

Also, I realized that the way I wrote, it sounds different that in it really was. I mean, the sense of "I went there and made two good friends" - as, thinking in detail, the whole process of making friends took several years. Mostly because I'm introverted and don't open up myself so quickly. But that also naturally filters out hasty people, I can only manage long-term friendships with people who are slow-paced like me =)

But, yeah - when I went to do the masseur degree, I viewed it purely as a bureaucratic necessity to boost my working on the field. I was not intentionally looking for making friends, but afterwards I've felt blessed for meeting these wonderful people. So, sometimes life is like that - and sometimes it is not, and sometimes there is little we can do to affect that, so zen is probably the best way to go =)

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