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5th of April 2017

5th of April 2017
Building together is nearly three times faster than building alone.
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What kind of axes do you use? I struggle to find a decent new axe-head, at least a domestic US-made one. The best one I have found so far (that isn't stupidly priced) is a Husqvarna one, which I think was made my Hultafors Bruks in Sweden. None of the US-made axes are worth a damn anymore. They are so fat in the middle, and just won't cut in well, no matter how sharp. I guess they are all intended for splitting... :(

Hultafors has a good reputation among Finnish carpenters.

I have a collection of old axes I inherited from my late uncle. Some of them are so worn after decades of heavy use that I can't read the old manufacturer logo any more. But the logos I can still read say 'Billnäs'. Billnäs Bruk axes have a halo of high quality =) I'm not entirely sure but I'd estimate my axe heads date back to 1950's or early 60's. Seems like they sell at around $160 / axe in ebay

Luckily enough, my set of axes is complete with different blade shapes for different uses. I have a couple of fat blades good for splitting, a couple of long thin blades good for carving, various small hatchets good for fine working, camping etc, and even a heavy broad axe I've never used =)

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