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19th of June 2019

19th of June 2019
The Other Cat
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Does the other cat have a name, or is it just "the other cat"? I have a grey cat which we just call "grey" haha =D

I think "Grey" is a good name for a grey cat =)

The story goes like this; At first this cat didn't have a proper name. I just called him "a cat". Then I had a guest who preferred the cat to have a proper name. So he asked what is the name of the president of Finland. Well, Sauli Niinistö, with a nick-name "Sale". From that on the cat was supposed to be called "Sale", but somehow that never quite rooted in my daily life. After years I gave up and decided that "The Other Cat" is a proper name for a cat. In Finnish "The Other" is "Toinen", which also means "second" as in "2nd in order".

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