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10th of November 2021

10th of November 2021
Today's debugging picture. Before starting Antient Savo project I made a few smaller Android projects. One of them is a multi-stopwatch app tailored for Enduro hobbyists. I think my app is the only one with fluent Finnish UI, so I was hoping that it could attract one or two hundred customers. And if the domestic reception was good, then it would be just a little more work to translate texts to English. Alas, the app has a dozen of active users, and when I started Ancient Savo I decided to allocate next to zero effort to promoting any of my previous small projects, just to maximize time, attention and focus for Ancient Savo. Well, but this autumn there was a minor bug report for the timer app, I spent today's coding time debugging and finally uploading a new version to Google Play. This picture is my internal notes during debugging, a quick blurry screenshot so that I could compare "before" and "after" for some update operations.
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