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14th of March 2021

14th of March 2021
Reading folk stories. This one is about a poor but wise man Matti, and his rich neighbour Peikko (literally "a Troll"). There is a wedding party, and both Matti and Peikko would like to go there. But for some reason Peikko tries to arrange it so that Matti can't come, so he persuades Matti to stand guarding Peikko's storehouse. The storehouse is full or riches, and Peikko is afraid someone might raid it while he is at the wedding party. So he makes Matti to promise to keep guard - "have the door of the storehouse in your view all the time while I'm away!". Matti promises to do that, but gets bored, and then decides just to grab the door and carry it with him to the wedding party. That way he manages both to keep his promise and to attend the wedding party. (But Peikko, who is horrified about the idea of his storehouse without a door quickly leaves the party and rushes to guard his riches.)
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