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11th of January 2022

11th of January 2022
Working on Ancient Savo. I'd like the player to have more detailed feedback on how the (fish)traps are doing. But at the moment the fish-trap checking code is rather simple; every trap has the same probability of catching fish, no matter the trap placement. To check a trap it always takes 30 minutes. And the code just operates on "number of traps checked", so it is totally ignorant of which trap yields what. This is just a quick and dirty piece of code I once wrote to get ahead with building the other aspects of the game. And now the question is how thoroughly I'm going to rewrite this. For fields I have already planned the simulation to be rather detailed; it should make a difference if a field is on a south or north-facing slope, lowlands or uphill, etc. So I'm probably going to take the same route with the traps; determining the success rate based on location, and keeping a record of fish caught per trap. It is going to take some time to code, but this is what I love; simulating the details, and then having a realistic-enough outcome flow naturally out of the simulation.
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