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4th of January 2022

4th of January 2022
I slept for six hours and was back at work this morning at 8am. After working for six hours I finally got the thing working! (Turns out it actually was possible to decrease the size of a raid1 array. Now the raid array has one of the old hard-drives, and a new one. And another new one is a hot spare, so if either or the main drives fail the system will automatically copy all the data to the spare. That way there should always be two functional, identical copies of all the crucial data. The whole process was made complicated by; me not knowing how to such things, so having to google a lot, and sometimes also finding outdated information; one of the sata ports or cables probably being unreliable (which caused me moments of horror; having only one of the old hard drives connected, and bios complaining it can't find any hard drives. Luckily the situation was remedied by moving the drive to another sata slot); and to add to the complexity of stuff the system also boots on that raid array (I believe it would've been easier having the OS on a different place, and the raid only as a storage for data. But now there was additional steps to make sure the boot sequence is correctly set up to utilize the raid array.) Huh - this operation was left unfinished last summer when I started to worry about one of the hard drives showing signs of failure. I'm happy that now it is done so that I don't need to worry about this in the back of my mind. )
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Congratulations! Must have been stressful.

Yesterday night before falling asleep there was a stream of raid-related linux terminal commands running in my mind, and I needed to remind me that the thing is done, so no reason to re-think all the steps taken, all the possible problems and all the possible solutions =)

Today I feel worn out and tired. At the moment of writing this comment I've just finished today's routine maintenance work at the milling company, so I can pack up and go home. Planning NOT to do any Ancient Savo development today, for my brain needs a break from computer stuff. Maybe I'm going to watch a bit of Iskelmä-Suomi for it seems to be available at YLE Areena.

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