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5th of January 2022

5th of January 2022
I don't have a TV. I don't have Netflix, nor a paid Spotify subscription. But I'm a Finnish taxpayer, and that gives me an access to our national broadcasting company YLE content both on radio and in the net. I'm mostly interested in programs with hand-picked music, and YLE has more of them I have time to listen. Well, today I plugged my old tablet to my stereo-set audio in, to watch a documentary about the history of Finnish pop music. Really interesting, as it puts the music in the bigger context, and then also takes a look at the personal histories of the past pop stars, reflecting on the interplay between stardom and private lives. Many of the old stars died because of the ill effects of their lifestyles (or, because of their unhealthy ways of coping with the fame, and all the side-effects of being a performing artist on tour). Yet some of the brightest stars also tell how the connection with the audience has helped them to get past hard times in their private lives. Oh well. The lady in the picture is Laila Kinnunen, whose personal life was more on the tragic side.
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I know I have already posted a link to this song, but here goes again =) The song is a fictional story about spending a week drinking booze with Laila Kinnunen in summer 1958. The artist is Arppa, who started as an indie musician, but the second album got published by a record label with a good reputation. (I'd guess Litku Klemetti, Jukka Nousianen and Arppa will be among the figures the future history documents are going to mention when speaking on Finnish music in the 2020's...)

Uh oh - it was hard to pick one song by Laila Kinnunen, but my pick is Tanssilaulu, literally "a dance song"

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