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Tarupaja web reader

Good evening, everybody. It is Saturday and I'm at Sami's. We've been filming material for the next thanks video. While Sami has been editing a first draft cut, I had some time to code the web reader for Tarupaja. You can test the version 0.2 demo here.

The coming week will be pretty busy with my main work. But after that I should have some free time, so I hope to write an extended example story then. But, heck, this is my shortest blog post ever =) We still have some night scenes to shoot, but before that we need to eat something. So I quit my coding and go to cooking while Sami finishes his cutting work.

indie developers at work
indie developers at work
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I'm very interested in this project, are you still working on it?

Hehe, the project is not dead, but to be honest, I have barely touched it since this post :/

Are you more interested in getting to write and to share your own (interactive) stories, or to read a story?

My initial idea was that a dialogue-driven story editor is the main thing, and I'll provide a simple small example story to demonstrate how it works. So that people could start writing their own stories. But then I thought that maybe it would be better to write a longer, proper story. Also, reading a proper story might be more inspiring for people to start writing their own stories... So, every now and then I've been drafting an extended example story in my mind. Then, pretty easily I get story ideas which would need more functionality added to the story engine. But on the other hand, I'd like to leave these for future version, and to start with a version 1.0 which allows only moving, talking and delivering items.

So, at the moment, what needs to be done to get TaruPaja 1.0 out is:
- some minor fixes and additions into the code (something like 4 - 6 hours of work)
- writing a proper example story (maybe 1 - 2 days of writing)

This is so very typical for me - I have a nearly-finished project, and I think "OK, I'll finish that just a bit later on, first I have to deal with these urgent things at hand" - then weeks turn into months, and new urgent things keep piling up... But I haven't abandoned TaruPaja, I'll be back to the project, yeah =)

I really interactive stories, I'm mostly interested in reading stories but I would like to write my own stories too. :-)
I hope you'll find the time to finish version 1.0.

By the way I like to read your blog and play Unreal World, it's good in our modern capitalistic society to have some places rest and to get back to humanity's roots, Nature. Keep up the good work guys, you're doing great !


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