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Fresh air

I had decided not to have customers for this week, so I have a holiday for both Spring Equinox and Easter. I've had rather loose plans for the week, and one of my ideas was to go visit Sami. But that plan got turned the other way around, as Sami decided to come visit my place. Sami arrived yesterday, and since we both felt that we've been bit kind of a overworking lately, we agreed not to have any production goals for this session. So we started with having a sauna and the outdoor bath, chatting and relaxing.

Today we woke up slowly, and decided to head to the lakeside to cook food outdoors. It has been a sunny day, all the fresh air feels like washing away stress and strain. And that is good for creativity - we have recorded some material for future videos =)

In the Finnish Woods
In the Finnish Woods
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Thumbs up! Enjoy your time away from development and work. :-)

Have a nice holiday, guys!

Thank You!

It was extremely refreshing. Today we drafted some to-do goals, on which I can work to help Sami with the upcoming development plans. But since there isn't an urgent hurry with them, I can still enjoy the rest of the week with holidayish activities =)

Although, before Friday I have to complete a minor programming task for the milling company, but that doesn't feel like a burden. Actually, it is just nice to stay at home doing something which yields a little money to pay my bills.

What great idea. Loved the photo.


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