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25th of July 2017

25th of July 2017
Potatoes and onions. They aren't yet fully grown, but good enough for a first harvest. I'd estimate if I harvest some one or two days a week, it will still leave me with a decent amount to store for winter.
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I forgot to plant Potatoes this year! I have had a successful Lettuce harvest though with plenty of herbs coming through strong, my Cucumbers are just starting to grow on the stems too, glad to see a fellow grower doing well!

Hehe, we've been doing the opposites =) I was planning to sow some lettuce and herbs, but didn't do that. I'd like to try cucumbers and also tomatoes, but hopefully next year.

Last year I got some potatoes from my neighbours, I planted them and the harvest lasted all the winter through, so I could save a little as seeds for this spring. A mixture of sand and horse manure seems to be ideal for growing potatoes.

This year I've had less luck with carrots, corn and the broad beans. Oh well, and there is a lot to learn for me, so got to keep on experimenting each year =)

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