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25th of February 2021

25th of February 2021
It is a fan, and I like it. Inside it has some strange physical magic which extracts electric current out of temperature differences. So you don't need any external power supply to operate the fan, just place it on a hot surface and the device will start motion all by itself.
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If I understand correctly, what happens is something like this.. The article says: "The durability and environmental stability have made thermoelectrics a favorite for NASA's deep space explorers among other applications." Somehow this makes me think of the book Stalker, which I read in my teenage years. In the book it is mentioned that scavenged pieces of alien technology are sold for consumers to use (in cases where people have managed to figure out what this or that piece of alien technology does or is good for.) So, apparently, here I'm having a piece of deep space technology, rotating a fan on top of my wood-burning stove =)

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