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2nd of June 2021

2nd of June 2021
Gardening, gardening
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A beautiful pair of trees in the background! (Or is it a single tree?)

My gardening currently consists of just admiring my broad beans (okay, watering them occasionally too) – more than 90% have sprouted and seem to be growing happily.

The tree in the background is an old apple tree. I'd guess we can think of it as a single tree, for all the different major branches emerge from the same trunk.

Hehe, yes, I think that a good gardening philosophy is to only plant that much one can easily take care of - too much stuff growing and it might turn to a stress factor, if one constantly feels that there is always a pressure of things-to-be-done. So, having time to admire the beans growing happily sounds like a gardening success to me - after all, it is meant to be a source of joy and happiness =)

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