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27th of July 2022

27th of July 2022
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Is that some kind of tool to get berries from bushes more easily?

Yes, something like a harvester. I've been picking berries by hand, for I like it that way. But today, after a few hours of picking I had gathered a few liters of blueberries, and I decided to try with a harvester - there was a vintage one lying around when I bought the house. Picking with the harvester was about five times faster, so in another few hours I got about 9 liters of berries. The downside is that a harvester scoops more leaves, little twigs, dry needles and such, so afterwards it takes more time to sieve and clean the berries. Well, but I sat on my stairs, slowly sipping some beer and listening to a very good music program on the radio, so sieving the berries was actually very nice. All the berries are in the freezer now.

EDIT: A recommendation for anyone who has access to the internet service YLE Areena (of our national broadcasting company) - Radio Sami Yaffa! Good stuff, very good stuff!

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