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14th of September 2022

14th of September 2022
I spent the day threshing broad beans. Got about 6 or 7 liters of them. It is a rainy day and I'd love to have a sauna bath, but the sauna bench is full of harvested oats, drying there before threshing them. I'll have a hot bath instead, then.
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While threshing I was (sipping red wine and) listening to the radio (or, to be precise, YLE Areena, the internet service or our national broadcasting company). Once again, they played hand-picked music, so I learnt of interesting bands I didn't know before. Here are a few of them;

Ritva Nero - folk (heavy)rock, I'd guess?

Päivi Hirvonen - new music inspired by folk traditions. I like the way the beat kicks in at 2:10

Jupu Group - prog-folk-jazz, or something?

Oh wow, those first two are definitely my kind of thing, thank you for sharing, Erkka!

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