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21st of February 2024

21st of February 2024
Learning more about developing 3D graphics, and different optimization methods. Ancient Savo map has a lot of trees, so I need to find a way to reliably render 90 000 objects without slowing down the framerate too much. I found a demo which promised to draw1.03 million 3D cubes at 60FPS - very interesting! So I tested it on my machine and the FPS was under 10. So I learnt that my development PC is nowhere near what is nowadays considered average. But I think that is good - if I manage to get things working smoothly on my device, then it will hopefully be fine for most of the players as well. (And, there is always the option for the 2D map only, so I'd guess the game will run on older hardware as well). OK, so I tried to lower the amount of cubes, and somewhere around 2500 cubes I started to get 60 FPS. But 3000 is not nearly enough if I'd need maximum 90 000. Well, the demo had a graphics texture drawn on each side of the cubes, and I've always wondered if there is a performance difference in using a texture or using a plain color. Turns out there is, at least on my hardware =) Without the texture I get 91 125 cubes at 60 FPS. So, the next step is to see how much the performance will be affected if the 3D objects are something more complex than mere cubes.
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And in case someone is interested in the technical details, or wish to try it on their local Java development environment, the mentioned demo is here: https://github.com/antzGames/ModelInstancedRendering

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