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9th of April 2024

9th of April 2024
In the early years of my coding hobby drawing pixel graphics was often a part of any game project. At those times the screen maximum resolution was 320 x 200, 16 colors. And we made our custom pixel graphics editors to meet our needs. Well, now, with the Ancient Savo project I'd like to experiment with 128x128 tile size. Manually drawing an entire tileset of that size would be doable, but I'm not that skilled nor that interested in plotting pixel graphics. Also, one of the problems of old school approach is that everything needs to be re-drawn if the tile size changes, or if you wish to change the perspective of the presentation. So I go with "write your custom tools" approach =) I have a small tool to generate 2D tiles using 3D models, so it becomes rather easy to adjust some parameters and then re-generate the entire tileset. But I have a feeling that the conversion tool still needs some polishing. Today I added an automatic "cartoon outline".
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Smart approach. I think antialiasing on the rendered tile would fit nicely.

Very neat approach. Looks like it will have a unique cell shaded artstyle that slightly reminds me of jet set radio should you continue this.

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