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Soliti Winter Beach Party

There's this good quality indie record company called Soliti. And, as one might guess, running an indie record company isn't so easy thing to do. Somehow I'd imagine it still takes some money to do all the things a record company does - yet lacking a heavy duty promotion organization it is not easy to generate rapid and high sales. But the music is good, and I think that a rich, colorful, and ass-kicking indie scene as such is a valuable things to have.The bands working with Soliti are launching a festival to show their support and to raise some extra funds to run the company. We have snow and temperatures well below freezing. And the festival is called "Soliti Winter Beach Party"

There also seems to be a competition, where people are asked to post their selfies or pictures with the "Beach Party" -theme. Well, at the moment I'm not exactly sure if I can make it to the Soliti Winter Beach Party - but that just gave me an another idea. I will hereby launch my own tiny promotion thingy: You can listen to Soliti music at their web page, and leave a comment under this blog entry. Just write which piece you liked (and why, if you feel verbose) - I'll pick one comment, and send the commentor any item from Soliti Shop.

Ah, and propably for easy listening try some of the Soliti zips which have pieces from different bands. Hmm, and just for inspiration, here is my selfie inspired by their theme =)

EDIT: and here come the dates. The Soliti WInter Beach Party is at 30th January 2015. So feel free to post comments during January. I'll pick a winning comment propably on 1st of February.

Winter Beach Party
Winter Beach Party
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I listened to a bunch of tracks, as I often do when surfing on Soundcloud in search for the music. Black Lizard: Burning is my favourite so far. Reminds me a bit of my faourite psycodelic era bands, like Grateful Dead and such.

Oh, it seems I'm a bit late (or not?)...anyway, apart from some Astrid Swan's songs I already knew, from what I listened, I liked Kaupunki Tappaa Sielunsa by Gim Kordon a lot, as sometimes I need to go back to my punk-rock origins, and I like this lo-fi style. I even found a lyrics video to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KotKaGIK2iU
(By the way, I will be visiting some friends and doing some tests for a music school in the next two weeks, so if it happens to be me, well, I'll be unreachable until 13th or 14th of February.)

... and the winner is:

Paul K and Murtaugh ! =)

We got two comments, which is great - and I decided not to pick one, but both. So, Paul and Murtaugh, please browse http://solitimusic.com/shop/ and pick one item you'd like to have. If you pick a physical item, I'll find a way to mail it. Use your preferred means of contacting me, so we can arrange the details.

And Murtaugh, good luck with the tests for the music school! Take all the time it takes, and reply back when you are online again.


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