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Yesterday evening it was raining, and for a short while there was some snow in the air. The temperature is still above freezing, so the snow didn't stay on the ground but melted immeadiately. Today in the morning after feeding my animals I went to check my small garden. I noticed that during the night the temperature had fallen below freezing, as there was a thin layer of ice on withered pumking leaves. I harvested all the rest of my pumpkins and zucchini. Some of the pumpkins were partly frozen, but I hope that inside they are all good. Luckily most of the zucchini appeared to be still fine - only one had gone soft so I gave it to the roosters.

At the moment I'm bit too tired to write anything more. I just wanted to drop these lines and pictures here, as the first freezing nights always mark a turning point in the yearly cycle.

pumpkins and zucchini
pumpkins and zucchini
Roosters eating zucchini and barley
Roosters eating zucchini and barley
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