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Broken stuff

Well, during our Easter programming session I coded so hard that my computer died. Also, I caught a mild flu myself, which slowed me down.

Sami is more experienced with hardware than I am. He's diagnosis was that it is the power supply which got broken. So I wrote in facebook, asking if any of my neighbours has a power supply or an old computer I could use for spare parts. After thirty minutes I got one - now the only problem was that the second-hand power supply only had those big molex-connectors, and my hard-drive has a slim SATA-connection. After some googling I found a store which promised to deliver an adaptor cable in couple of days, so I ordered one - and finally got my computer up and running again. And I recovered myself too.

Then something broke in my car - I heard nasty clatternig sound from somewhere around left rear wheel. Luckily enough I only had one customer for that day - I called him and cancelled his time, and then drove back home very very slowly and carefully. At home I removed the wheel and found out that the shock absorber had got loose from the upper end. Seemed like nothing I can fix myself, so I called my neighbour who has all the equipment and skills required. Also, he said I can borrow his car while he takes a look at mine.

So, nothing special - I just felt like writing this little bit.

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You live in a beautiful community.

Yup. And later on in the evening when I returned from my work, my car was already fixed. My neighbour had visited yet another neighbour to get suitable spare parts. I really do like these people!


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