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Eighth year of blogging

The blog has been running for eight years. Seems like it has become a habit, and I like it. Over the years I've also made some new friends all over the world. And got heart-warming feedback, which always makes the blog feel more meaningful for me.

Together with the previous one, this year has been quite a big inner process for me. Maybe I haven't been recently writing that much about my mental health issues and the process of recovery. But that has partially been because the process has been such a deep dive into a subconscious layer more ancient than words and concepts. So it isn't always that easy to translate into sentences. And, the other thing is that somehow I've felt that I'd rather write a bit more once things inside me get a bit more settled. So, hopefully more about these themes in the next year! For me the purpose of writing about such stuff has been the wish that maybe my openness will help someone else with similar kind of issues. And, based on the feedback, it feels like some people indeed have found my writings valuable for their own recovery process. No, I don't think that I could act as any kind of mentor or teacher, but I do believe in the healing power of sharing. As, I'd guess a lot of mental health issues are connected to themes of being rejected / accepted, or ignored / seen or alone / connected. And sometimes reading personal stories of another person can be a basic form of connectedness. I do believe that a lot of healing begins with connectedness - and without a connection not much healing is going to take place.

And the blog posts for the coming year, there will also be something about my DIY building projects. I have two projects in the making, but somehow the time just flew by and I never posted about them. So, this much for a new years resolution =)

Then, a question: Would you like to see "The Picture of The Day" for year 2021? That would very likely mean the same basic themes getting repeated once again - campfires on the nearby islet, my building projects, sunsets, autumn colours. Would it be boring to see all of those again?

And another question, or a reminder: Always, if you wish me to write about a specific topic, feel free to send a question. I'll reply if I can. And if you ask about something I don't know about, or don't want to write about, then I'll just politely leave the question without a reply, no problem.

I love this kind of easy mornings.
I love this kind of easy mornings.
A postcard from a blog reader! Thank You!
A postcard from a blog reader! Thank You!
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Thank you for another year of blogging. This blog does have a strangely calming effect, even if it is pensively silent at times :)

As for the "Picture of the day" series: yes!

Totally agree!!!!!

I'm still out here, Reading and lurking around, always a pleasure to read my friend! Picture of the day is a must to keep us all sane in these mad times.

Reading your blogs is quite a pleasure in any time of the year! It would be great to see more pictures, even if the themes repeat. Thank you for dedicating your time for nearly a decade now to write about the things in your life; it is quite cool to be able to connect with people far away.

Have a great 2021!


I really appreciate your posts and the picture of the day so it would be a pleasure to have it again. Thank you very much.

The days are already getting longer and a new year, full of wonders, is about to begin!

I started wondering what exactly is it in your blog, pictures, videos, that makes them so interesting. A part of it is certainly envy about the kind of freedom and environment you have built for yourself; another is that you make it less black-and-white than that by also writing about hardships, hard work, depression, good and bad moments. I wouldn't want to point to any simple "category" of blog posts as my favorite. It's all good and all parts support each other.

Having found your blog only lately, I've missed the experience of seeing the daily pictures appear, er, daily. I'm definitely rooting for another round!

Thank you for your fine thoughts!

This makes me think of the contemporary social media in general. I haven't been very quick to adopt SoMe platforms. And when I finally joined facebook, I had already heard people talking how facebook posts tend to offer a polished facade, people post their best moments, maybe even editing the mistakes out. Right from the beginning I knew that this is not going to be my way. I want to show the life the way it is. Not taking myself so seriously. With silliness included.

The idealistic side of this is that I'd like to live in a world where people can openly and safely expose their weaknesses without a fear of other attacking them because of that. For I also believe that such a baseline of security allows for the creativity and joy to bloom.

"Picture of the day" - absolutely YES!

I would follow the picture of the day. :)


Thanks for another year of blogging! I like the Picture of the Day-ones, but please do it only if you have the energy for it :)

I love your DIY, Programming and Building blogs!

Hehe, your comment inspired me to write a programming blog post right away =)

Ah, and don't worry: If I felt that I won't have energy for The Picture of the Day, then I wouldn't ask. In a way, I think picture of the day is easiest to do - sometimes I've also been pondering about themed picture albums, something like testing urw-ish stuff in real life. But then whenever I do such things the doing itself captures all of my main attention, and taking pictures would feel like a distraction. In these times of having a camera built in a phone, snapping a quick shot each day isn't that much a trouble.

Everyone; Thank You so much for your comments! Honestly, it is somehow touching and heart-warming to see people reading and commenting, after all these years, despite my update frequency being somewhat slow. So, for the another year to come!


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