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Family life

This weekend I have good company; my son together with his girlfriend. I greatly enjoy having them around.

My son helped me a bit with installing operating systems to a second-hand laptop I got from my brother. Otherwise we have just had easy times. A great meal made of home-grown lamb meat, together with organic red wine. As a dessert we had ice-cream with hand-picked forest berries. And the rest of the evening it might be watching movies on DVD.

Pausing to look at my situation in my personal life, I must say I'm rather happy with the way things are today. I'm not yet even 40 years old, I already have an adult son who is a great person. I have my own little home, and all of my freedom. I'm convinced: following ones deeper intuition has been worth it!

And a picture of us, walking in the forest with the horses. My son is leading, his girlfriend rides Velmu, and I'm riding Raiku. Shortly after taking that picture we went deeper into the forest, taking a very small trail. It was nice to see that my son hasn't lost any of his forest skills and attitude while living in the city. With no problem he made his way through the snow, leading a big horse with a rider.

EDIT: Added a picture of a late night board game session.

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That what you have is a lot, especially today, when a lot of people live their live too fast. Also, today's world is changing too much for me. I'm only 18 and I don't understand this world with so many drugs, sex, homosexuals, mad people who have only one live objective: Arguing with all people on the world. I'm playing UrW for few years but I didn't recognize that one of you have a blog in here :) I have a few questions:
1. Where do you live? Do you have your own farm or something?
2. Are you working somewhere or you are living only from that what you grow, etc.?
3. How much costs land in Finland, in region when you live is it possible to move and have a job like cutting and selling trees or making holidays for bored tourists?
I know that my english is bad and it might be hard to understand me, but I'm just really tired and my main language is polish, not english. Thanks for your response.

PS If you have some time to talk with me about living a bit like our ancestors it would be great and a big fun for me.

No problem with your english!

1. I have a small plot of land, not big enough to call a proper farm. And a small, old log house in a need of heavy renovating. Located in the countryside about 100 km north of Tampere.
2. I earn my money as an independent massage therapist. I drive to people's homes. I like the work, the old folks still remember that when they were children there were old folk healers going from house to house giving treatments to people. So I feel I'm continuation of that tradition. I make about the amount of money which is officially considered "poverty limit" in Finland. But being able to grow and fish part of my food, I can enjoy my life with this small income. I hope that year by year I can become more self-sufficient.
3. Land in itself doesn't cost very much, but everything on it does =) I mean, if you want to buy enough forest of your own, you have to pay for the trees on the land, and in that case the price becomes so high that you have to spend your life-time working and paying a loan to a bank... A small, barely livable house like mine costs about 30 000 euros. But a place suitable for hosting tourists might be far more valuable, I mean like 5 times more than my house.

If you'd like to chat more, consider registering an user account at Enormous Elk site. Just today I set up a private messaging system, allowing registered users to send messages to others.

I also feel that I'd like to comment on my behalf that some of my friends are homosexuals, and they are great, responsible, good and loving persons. So I have no issue with that - I believe it is a natural phenomenon. But I'm not to force my opinion on others. And, for the sake of clarity, I agree that today's world has too much of de-personalized over-sexualism (be it in form of homo- or hetero sexuality; pornography is always pornography, and that is completely different thing from honest love).

I would also like to add that I do not understand why anyone would care what another person's sexual preference is, as long as it is consensual. I used to dislike people who were obsessed with sports, until I became friends with a few and realized it is not a big deal!


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