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Ground oven

Today we tried a ground oven together with my friend. We dug a smallish hole in the soil, and started a fire in it. We kept the fire burning for couple of hours. We wrapped lamb meat and vegetables in aluminium foil. They went into the hole, and got govered with sand. After that we started a small fire on top of sand-covered food.

More of my friends came for a visit, and soon we had a house full of people. The food was in the oven for couple of hours, and we went to dig it up. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was about half an hour too early - the vegetables weren't quite yet ready. Well, we put the food into an ordinary electric oven to finish the cooking. This was the first time I ever try cooking with a ground oven, and the experiment was rather promising.

I guess I'll try to learn it, first with food wrapped in aluminium foil. After gaining more experience I can test with more primitive materials, like clay or birch-bark.

burning fire
burning fire
food to be cooked
food to be cooked
is it ready?
is it ready?
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Hello Erkka, I read through your blog and really enjoyed it. I live similarly, but in the woods of Texas. I don't need a sauna, but maybe I will try a ground oven one of these days.

Please post back your experiences when you get to try ground oven. I'm not quite sure but I think that in The West the settlers used ground oven for even baking bread. That is, when they were travelling to a new area, or when they hadn't yet established a house with a proper oven.


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