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Ice fishing

Finally a day off work. I went down to the lake for some ice fishing. It was maybe not the best possible day for catching fish, but I went anyway. I spent about three hours on the ice, and one time I felt a fish poking the lure without biting. So no catch this time. I had a steel can insulator full of coffee with me, it was all silent and peaceful. When I returned home I felt relaxed and connected to nature. Not so bad.

I'm looking forward to sunny winter days towards the end of February. Actually, I'll right away take my calendar and mark some days as holidays every here and there, so I remember not to take appointments for those days, to have more time to go ice fishing when it will be the best season for that.

ice fishing
ice fishing
a view
a view
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I've done that in URW so many times. It is so tremendously cool that you can do it in real life!

Well, I admit I quite like the location of my house. With a minimal budget my options were rather limited, I just had to pick a house I could afford - I was very lucky to find a raw jewel like this! I have a sunny yard surrounded by a forest. The forest is rich of mushroom and berries, and it is about fifteen minutes walk to the lake. I've dreamed of this kind of living since I was 12 years old.



How was it "maybe not a good day"? What makes a good day for (ice) fishing?

It was cloudy with light snowfall. I think that on such winter days fish are just passive. I don't know if they react more to amount of light or to changes in atmospheric pressure - but usually bright sunny days are better. (now, thinking of this I once again wish that I had more time to spend out in nature, just to gain more experience, to be better able to pick good places and right timing for effective fishing.)

I was ice fishing for the first time in over a decade just over a week ago. Sky was clear and wind was minimal. My friends told me that it's the optimal weather.

Apparently the fish are attracted towards light. This is why it's good to also try your (or someone elses) old fishing holes. Fish are curious by nature.


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