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14th of December 2014


It's midnight and I didn't have any idea for today's picture. I took my tablet, tried a tired selfie once again, but then I saw mirror on my wall. Maybe I could a version of this most stereotypical mirror-selfie? Thinking of it, it came to my mind that when I was kid, I sometimes played with mirrors in the bathroom. I took a smaller hand-mirror and placed it facing the bigger mirror on bathroom wall. Which resulted in a mirror showing a smaller mirror showing a smaller mirror showing a smaller mirror showing a smaller mirror...

I remember I could just stare at that infinite tube of mirror images, and somehow it made everything feel slightly unreal. Like, all the time, hidden in our daily environment, there are this kind of strange things which are mind-boggling and too complicated to comprehend (I tried to figure out if there is a point when the images stop getting smaller and smaller - I was too young to know exactly about the physical theory of photons and light-waves and all, but having been building a lot of lego models, it was easy to use that analogue; it the world is made of smaller bricks, and those smaller ones can be taken apart to even smaller ones, then is there a level when we reach the most tiny basic building blocks of the universe? When I'm looking at these mirror images, am I actually staring at a tunnel leading to the fundamental building blocks? Or if there is not such a thing, then this tunnel goes on ad infinitum - in either case it is mind-boggling!

PS. When I was kid, the mirrors at our home were always clean and spotless. But here at my current home, in the summer there are lot of flies indoors, and they like to crawl on windows and mirrors, leaving those spots of dirt. And I'm just too lazy to wipe the mirror clean =)

makes me think of the painter painting a painter painting a painter so on and so forth scene from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (original one)


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