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14th of February 2015


Nearly a year ago I bought my first android tablet. And at some point I tried if I can use my mobile phone mini-usb headset with the tablet - no. I mostly forgot about it, as I seldom use the tablet for listening to music. But yesterday I thought it might be handy in some cases. I browsed the tablet manual, to find if it says anything about connecting headphones to the mini-usb. And it said that there is a separate connector for headphones - oh! I tried it with an old headset which has separate plugs for earphones and mic. It didn't work.

Today I had five customers for massage. I was thinking that after the work I can visit a store where they sell audio accessories. But since it is Saturday, the store closed at 6pm, and I was there twenty past six. Hmm... I tried a kiosk and a gas station - they batteries but no earphones.

When I came home I remembered that years ago one summer morning I found earphones lying on my yard. (Befote that there were some of my friends visiting, so maybe one of them forgot the earphones, I sent them a message but nobody asked for the earphones, and I stored them just in case...) I tried them with the tablet, and yes: a clear stereo sound!


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