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16th of December 2014


That is creepy.. The face next to the your head(You can see eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows..
I hope that you've added it!

On the window :)

Oh =) No, the picture is just as it is, no filter no photoshop no additions. So it must be the face of a local guardian spirit, no problem =)

I bet that you don't see it . I am scared :D

Reading your first comment I spotted the figure before opening the very heplfull image you posted =) But of course I have no way to prove it.

Well, seriously speaking, I guess human brain has a rather developed capabilities of face recognition. Which makes us spot faces in nearly random shapes as well. I think even small babies react to the basic smiley-image, just because it has dots for eyes and a smiling mouth. It is the same here; shadows and shapes of the forest offer enough recognizable figures for the human face recognition to be triggered.

But I really don't know why you are scared =) To me the face in the forest seems like a friendly one.


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