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17th of March 2015


Again, it was a longish day of work with massage. Back at home I felt tired and weary, but went on uploading UnReal World 3.20 patch 2 to IndieDB. Once again Sami has been doing a great job, and that makes me glad. The beer is "Kauppa IPA" by Pyynikki Craft Brewery. The label has a picture of a gnome holding a basket full of hops, standing next to a field of barley.

Oh, and we have more than half the sky covered with nothern light. Gotta upload these quick, so I can go watch the night sky.

Oh man Northern lights and IPA...truly something to be jealous of man, I think when I have my passport through I'll be coming to knock your door for a brew and some work...I'll always work for a beer!

Here in England when you apply for your first passport you have an interview to prove that you are you...such an annoyance as I was born here, my parents were born here, my whole ancestry is British based as far back as I've traced it.

anyway I'm diverting from the main point, Enjoy your evening good sir!

Regards, the commenter that never leaves :D

When I was teenager there were some winters with lively Northern Lights with bright colours. Tonight it wasn't that colourful, but otherwise this was one of the most mesmerizing things I've ever seen.

Directly above there was kind of a focus point; at a times it was like a shape of an angel, or a Maltese Cross, or a dome of light, an eye, or a protective hand. As usual, northern sky was the most active, but there were shapes of light to the east, west and south - getting dimmer and brighter in an unpredictable rhythm. And then there is this distant humminh space sound, which you can't be exactly sure if it is for real or just imagination. (Although, some years ago it was proven to exist by scientific field recordings of Norhern Lights emitting sounds)

I grabbed a bottle of rum and climbed to the rooftop of my house, which gave me nearly unobscured 360° view. The northern sky was dancing with a band of light, which shifted to different formations; clouds, candles, waves, curtains. And when it got more inactive, other parts of the sky lighted up with candle-like sticks reaching from the horizon to the focus point in the middle.

I came down (before getting drunk), and laid on my back on the snow, watching the show go on. The strange shape directly above had changed into something like a radiating pool of light. Or maybe it was like a gateway to another reality. Just looking at the stars and the Northern Lights a sense of perspective gets somewhat dizzy, and you can't exactly tell if the shapes are huge but far away or smaller but within reach - or, you feel like immersed into the show of lights. And the sounds, the space sounds humming with occasional tiny whistles.

Oh my. When it got more inactive I came indoors to write this and to warm up. Yup, at the daytime I thought that after uploading URW installers I should work with my book-keeping. But since this kind of Norhern Lights are rare, it sure changed my preferences. I'll take a sip more of the rum and go back outdoors to see if the sky got active again.

PS. Foreign adventurers are welcome to my place. Accommodation, food and beer is served for voluntary workers no problem.

And the sky definitely was active again - actually, I've never before seen it this intense.

Instead of smoothly shifting shapes now it was big clouds, curves and waves appearing and disappearing rapidly. And they don't come and go randomly, but with a rhythm. So I quickly fetched my shaman drum and threw myself on the snow, watching the sky and beating the drum to the celestial rhythm. It was as if the whole sky was turned into a giant strobo light show, pulsating at about 160 bpm or so.

I didn't even try to capture any of it with a camera. But here is a link to Finnish national broadcasting company hosting a gallery of user-posted images: http://yle.fi/uutiset/lukijoiden_kuvat_revontulista_haikaisevat__laheta_...

I wonder if those intense northern lights got anything to do with the comet that could be seen in Switzerland on sunday, I think. Or with the partial solar eclipse on friday, I think.

I dream of visiting the North one day in winter and hopefully see some Northern lights then myself. So far, I've only seen it on pictures. It must be impressive to see them live.

Scientifically speaking, I think Norhtern Lights activity depends solely on solar wind. And solar wind activity is not affected by the moon (which causes the solar eclipse), nor a comet.

Anyhow, knowing that there is a scientific explanation for the lights, it is still a spectacular show. It must have been even more awesome for the ancestors.

Spotting Northern Lights is very unpredictable, so it is mostly a question of luck. And some years are more active than others - I guess there is rhythm like 4 to 6 active years and then same amount of less active years and so on. (at the moment I'm too tired to check the details, maybe wikipedia knows =) )

That was a pleasure to read man, We've had the lights in the UK before but not so far down that I could see them from where I'm living though, I'm sure that one day I'll be in a situation to see them in such a way as you have! such vivid images being creating with the mind, it makes you think of what our ancestors would have made of them when they looked up with zero light pollution and no modern world thinking to distract the mind, to connect with them must have felt amazing for you.

I tend to get caught up in a randomized throat singing sort of deal when I 'get close to the ancestors' as people call it aha it can happen from something as simple as a good beat to a feeling when visiting ancient monuments or greeting the Sun at Stonehenge for the summer solstice.

People have recorded the strange sounds in the UK before, scientists attribute it to solar activity playing on the magnetic field of the earth, I'd feel better thinking of it as someone talking to us all aha but that's how my mind is...

I'd say i'd be more of a Pilgrim of the quiet life than an adventurer though :D life is an adventure either way! give me a sharp Axe and i'm happy :D

Is this some beer week or just your idea? :D

Just a random idea of mine =) I've nearly finished a year of daily pictures, and I've been running low on ideas. Especially on those days when I return home after a long day of work, it is dark outdoors and I'm tired... So, this week I realized that I can just keep on posting a beer picture for each day of the week. I'll do this to the coming weekend - stay tuned =)

I love your ideas :D Always creative


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