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18th of October 2014


This ones I dont know what are. I think they're from Cantharellus family (maybe?), but no idea what kind never saw one. What are they and some tips to identify? :D

Yes I think they are related to chantarelle. They grow in late autumn, in mossy forests with fir trees - sometimes they are hard to spot, as they might be partially covered by moss. Sometimes it happens that whem I'm looking for them and can't find any, then I suddenly spot a small group of them and kneel down to pick them up - and only then realize that they are all around =) Somehow it is easier to spot them looking from a low angle. These are very safe to pick, at least in Finland, because there aren't poisonous mushrooms resembling this one, so there is no danger of misidentifying them.


Nice! Found their description on a mushroom's book I have, will be alert for Craterellus Tubaeformis in the woods :)

OK, so they grow in your area too? Good luck with finding them!

I read they grow in Europe, but Europe is huge, cannot say yet for sure if they grow in my area xD I live close (50km) to Gerês, a beautiful national park (the only one in portugal) with an huge wood (some areas open access, others only with authorization). There grows a lot of mushrooms from Cantharellus. Next to my home never found many from that family, so if Tubaeformis exist in portugal, is there I'll mostly find them someday :) We'll be alert :)

Hiking out, looking for spesific mushroom sounds like a good quest =)


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