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19th of April 2014


lol :D
One question: You use Code:Blocks, right? Which version on ubuntu? I can't get latest version..

Actually, at the moment for ubuntu I only have Geany istalled - it is pretty much enough for me. My previous computer started to have occasional problems, so I moved to using a secondary computer. And as I don't enjoy spending time with setting up the system, I've been running on rather minimal configuration for several months =)

Do you need the latest version of CodeBlocks for some spesific reason? If you want easy installation, just go with the version available on Ubuntu Software center?

So you are using Geany for URW?

Possibly yes =) For me the data structeres and algorithms are always the main thing. Since I retired my main computer, I have been mainly developing on Lazarus/Free Pascal. Eventually, when I'll be satisfied with my data structeres and algorithms, I will choose tools to rewrite the code in C/C++ - and at the moment I don't know what tools I'll choose. Let's see how it goes.


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