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19th of February 2015


I started working at 9.30am, and finished at 9pm. It feels almost like a "workaholic relapse" - despite my intention to reduce my working hours I once again find myself coming home after a day like this. Why? No-one forces me to plan this kind of timetables, and I greatly like shorter working days, and as said before: I'd so like to maintain a regular rhyhtm with programming for UrW. Last week was 6 days of work, and this week has days like this one. Hey Erkka, seriously? Oh well, but all in all, I guess this is what happens if I temporarily lose my focus, allowing my timetables getting stacked with booked times. So, a reminder for myself: stay focused, breathe deep, feel the ground under your feet, and pay attention to your timetables!

And then a story:

couple of days ago when I was feeding the horses I noticed a small black item in the snow. It was my mobile phone - somehow it has accidentally slipped out of my pocket and fell inside the horses' pen. And apparently, the horses had already found it, examined it, and stomped over it. The display was cracked but still functional, only that every second rows of pixels were all white, and the bottom of the display had a completely black area size of my fingertip.

For a moment I thought what to do - should I just buy a cheap basic phone, with just minimal functionality? Or should I just keep on using this one, as it still works, just that the display is hard to read. Well, then it came to my mind that maybe I can ask my friends if anyone has an old unused phone which I could buy. I posted it in facebook, and during the day I got three replies, two of them offering exact the same model I already had. And before the day was over I got a phone hand delivered, as my neighbours were walking their dogs and stopped by to give me a phone they didn't need. They refused to take any money. Yes I quite love my countryside neighbourhood!

Also, with my laptop I use an usb soundcard, with a cable connected to the stereo set. But the cable is somehow damaged; if it bends a little, it gives a loud noise. I finally decided to try if it can be remedied. I was looking for something to use as a splint, and spotted an old nail. I taped the cable to the nail, and that seems to work: no more annoying noise =)


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