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20th of January 2015


Of course you should go. That sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime-chance for some weird fun! :D

Oh, I forgot to tell the festival takes place indoors =) And they did it also last summer, so it might also be that this winter party is not the only possilibity. That being said, sure I'd like to go. It is just question of balancing time and money. So, let's set a goal for myself: If I get a weather simulation related piece of code completed for Sami before the Beach Party, then I can reward myself by going to the festival. But if I have to choose between "coding for URW or spending a weekend in Helsinki", I have to choose "coding for UrW". OK, Erkka, let's see what you can do =)

What's the fun in a winter beach party taking place indoors?

Sounds like you've just set yourself some pretty strong reward for doing what you like to do anyway. So, I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll be at that party.

I guess it's their sense of humour, playing with opposites - launching a beach party indoors, in the middle of the winter. Well, why not =)

Sure, I anyway want to program for UrW, but I've had those problems with managing my timetables, often finding too little time to concentrate on serious coding. So, here the reward is not for the coding as such, but because of succesfully managing my weekly working routines...

I was already bit worried, as more than two weeks had passed of year 2015 - I've been working with renovating the house, and only thinking about the weather simulation. Okay but enough of thinking - today I finally continued to work with the source code.

As fas as I gathered from your blog entries, you're troubles with managing your timetables included not only not enough time for URW, but also not enough time for renovating your house. Or am I wrong?

So, spending so much time on your renovation projects sounds like a good start into a new timetable management. ;)

You got it right!

There were several days when drinking my morning coffee I thought:"OK, a full day at home. I'll work with the renovation, and after 4pm when the daylight is gone, I'll sit by the computer and do some coding for UrW." - but then I just spent a little longer renovating, and started to cook food after that... And soon I realized that I'm too tired to do any serious coding. So, obviosly, this is something I need to change now.

I have to write my code earlier in the day than physical labor, too, or I end up just relaxing all evening after the labor is done... X_x

This pretty much makes sense.

Other thing I have noticed is that a somewhat constant rhytm would be good. I mean, the longer the break, the more time it needs to get to back on track with my own code - just to remember that what was I supposed to do next, and things like that. But with shorter intervals the works flows smoother.

It might be that I can't find time to code every day, but I really should be able to organize my weeks so that every week I regularly have two or three coding sessions.

Today I already did so that in the morning I did some little preparations outdoors, then came indoors to cook breakfast - and while the stew was simmering, I spent nearly half an hour coding. Then I ate and went outdoors to continue with the renovation. It is small things like this I need - even when I won't have four hours for coding, it is better to do at least a little bit to keep my memory fresh =)

I think keeping to a schedule definitely helps.

My biggest problem is that I always run out of steam after I have coded the "fun" parts and never do the drudge-work to finish any games, haha. But I guess that is ok.... It is just a hobby for me, anyway. I don't think I've written a lick of code (except for bash scripts) for like 6 months. D:


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