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20th of May 2014

programmer's life
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What is this? The system that you do for a mill? Or Unreal World?
Why you have computer next to the kitchen? :D

This is for the mill. My friend who runs the mill called me on monday and reported a bug in my software. But on monday I was too tired to do anything about it. Tuesday morning I stopped at the mill, and copied their database on a memory stick. After working a day with massage I returned at home around 9 pm and started to inspect. First, I realized that I haven't istalled all the required software on my current computer, so I set up my old computer. Luckily enough it was easy to track, in half an hour I found the bug and fixed it with few lines of code.

Ah, and my house is pretty small. It has two rooms; a small bedroom, and then a combined kitchen and living room (called "tupa" in Finnish). So, when I'm indoors I anyway spend most of my time in the tupa.


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