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21st of April 2014


In the morning I went to check my fish-traps. The first one was empty, the other one had two pikes in it. I let the smaller pike go free and killed the bigger one. I spent couple of hours indoors, developing a database application. I quickly roasted some pike together with onion, and enjoyed the meal in front of my house. It is a warm day and the direct sunlight makes me frown to protect my eyes - that's for not using sunglasses =)

Poor tasty pike :D
How big was she?

And next thing: Post image of your house please. How it look now.

Oh, my house still pretty much looks like it does in the picture of the first blog entry. I hope that in the coming summer I'll have time and energy to continue renovating - and if so, then I'll sure post pictures of the process.

I didn't measure the weight of the pike, but I'd guess it was something like 750g. Worth a day's meal =) It is usually so that the younger pikes are the first to gather at spawning places, and the older ones come later on. The season will be on for ten days or so.


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