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22nd of May 2014

The bird cherry tree and the old sauna
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There are blooming bird cherry trees here and there. The one behind the old sauna is the biggest. Sweet aroma fills the air. Swallows circle over the yard. Oh joyous early summer!

The old sauna looks like it is about to collapse... Let's see if I can renovate it this summer.

Are there spiders in your house? And what in sauna? :D
(I am asking because I am scared from spiders and I want to move to Finland ;) )

Yeah small spiders are common and they are everywhere in Finnish countryside. Luckily enough none of them are really harmful, but I understand that if one has a non-rational fobia, then it is a different thing. In Finnish summer the most unpleasant insects are the all kinds of mosqitoes.

Also, the wonderful birch trees! Should try your hand at making some birch syrup. ;)


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